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SSO Presents - Little Ludwig

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

The Life and Legacy of Little Ludwig - Concert Film and Educational Resource Package

FREE Until May 1, 2021 - Available with DCS Subscription

The SSO's Spring In-School Concert is a celebration of Ludwig can Beethoven's 250th birthday anniversary!

Eleven schools in Saskatoon were able to see the first live version of the show back in March before closures, and it was a huge success! We have since been able to make edits to the show and narration, with Signed English Interpreting included throughout the beautifully sculpted film.

We have created an accompanying resource package that includes:

  • Saskatchewan curriculum outcomes;

  • Suggested assessment in the form of small quizzes for each grade level (final question is swapped out to hit a particular outcome);

  • Reading resources, including the narration written out in full, a biography of Beethoven at two different reading levels, and a listening guide;

  • Several activity pages, including a Beethoven coloring page and word scramble;

  • A look at "Other Great People who Faced Challenges"; and

  • Sound samples of real-life bird calls!

For details on how your class can participate in Little Ludwig and more show information, click here.

For access to the show through the password protected webpage, please send Matthew an email requesting it at Although they are found embedded in the webpage itself, the resources can also be provided as a Google Drive link, if you would prefer.

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