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LETS - Learn English Through Singing Program

Are you relatively new to Canada? 
Looking to improve your English speaking skills? 
Do you love music?
Then join Learn English Through Singing!

Maura Sharkey-Pryma has seen great results with the virtual LETS program she created with the MacEwan University, School of Continuing Education EAL Department and The Conservatory of Music she developed in 2020. SMEA is honored to sponsor the expansion this program into Saskatchewan in conjunction with the Global Gathering Place.

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What you will learn

  • How to link your English pronunciation practice to habits you already have in your daily life to singing so that you increase your success rate.

  • How to practice English pronunciation through singing articulation exercises and contemporary English pop songs.

  • How to set up the pronunciation of sounds through singing so that they flow consistently and you feel more comfortable. 

  • How phonetic instruction through singing teaches you about the physical and motoric features of speech sounds, which help you achieve better English pronunciation clarity.

  • How the precise placement of the tongue, lips, teeth, vocal cords, and airflow required for each sound is essential for proper pronunciation.

  • How to hear the difference between how you’re saying a word (or singing the word) and the distinct way of pronouncing words by native English speakers.

  • How singing songs together builds a sense of community, self-expression, empowerment and confidence.

Meet the Instructor

Maura Sharkey-Pryma BMus; MMus | Vocal Instructor & Clinician

"My purpose is to help each student build a solid musical foundation that will provide him or her a lifetime of enjoyment.  I am most interested in uncovering and inspiring each singers' potential, and to be a guide: helping develop sustainable, functional skills in a healthy, efficient manner to meet the demands of the music.  I believe in helping singers discover their voice in ANY genre in an authentic, emotionally honest expression, both physically and vocally."

Maura Sharkey-Pryma


Maura also has an extensive playlist of Learn English Through Singing on YouTube from her previous courses taught through MacEwan University. Below is one video from the Learn to Sing English YouTube Playlist - make sure to check out the whole playlist here


Registration is completed through The Global Gathering Place. For more information please contact

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