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Have you heard of Soundtrap by Spotify?

It is an online music and podcasting studio. Their mission is to make music creation and podcasting easy, collaborative and accessible to all creators.

Soundtrap is thrilled to support Saskatchewan Music Education day by offering all of SMEA members with complimentary access for 90-days!

Explore creative sound making in the classroom. Soundtrap for Education empowers students and teachers to explore creative sound recording in all subjects, for all ages and ability levels. Whether students are exploring the ways music can take presentations to the next level, collaborating with classmates to create a song, or recording podcasts to share knowledge on subjects, Soundtrap for Education amplifies learning.

Follow the instructions below to join: (If you already have an active subscription, start at step 4)

Step #1 - Go to this website

Step #2 - Use this code

SKmusiceducationday for a 90-day free trial. Code must be redeemed by October 1st.


Step #3 - Roster your students with Google Classroom

For instructions on how to roster your students with Google Classroom, click here.

Step #4 - Explore Resources

  • This is a quick video great for beginners to learn to make their first song ever using loops.

  • This is a Soundtrap project with a Saskatchewan folk song. Students could play or sing along, or use it to make a remix. If you pull up the transcript you'll see the lyrics and be able to follow along much like karaoke.

  • Let your students explore on their own time by learning along with this guided Soundtrap tutorial playlist.

Questions or do you want more lesson plan ideas?

Talk to Taylor! Email:

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