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Fall Programming Opportunities

SMEA is offering Staff Professional Development and Classroom Workshops for SMEA Members for the next school year - be sure to book early as there are limited spots available!

IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Anti-Racism) Where do I Start As a Teacher? Consider providing this live and interactive virtual workshop for your school staff at an upcoming Professional Day.

As teachers, we tend to shy away from these words since we often don't know where to begin to address them in the classroom. As educators, we don't' want to make any mistakes when we start this work, but we can't ignore it or leave it to someone else. That's where Mandart Chan can help. Click here to learn more about Mandart Chan and Why IDEA Training.

South African Music & Culture - A School Visit Featuring Garth Prince

Garth Prince will do a week long tour of Saskatchewan celebrating SK Music Education Day between September 18-22, 2023. He will be available to come to your community, work with your students providing an hour long workshop sharing South African Music & Culture. He will be building teacher capacity by providing educators with a resource package to continue learning all year long!

There is a limited number of IDEA trainings and Cultural Workshops available, they will be provided on a first come first, serve basis and do require a $150 booking fee, these workshops will inspire and broaden perspectives and enriching lives!

Step #1 - Read the full catalogue

Step #2 - Reserve your spot


Step #3 - Celebrate September 15 - Music Education Day

(-) Soundtrap for Education by Spotify


  • Singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and record producer, Donny Parenteau, has graciously shared his song Deep in the Heart of Saskatchewan for SK Music Education Day.

  • For this activity, you will explore the tutorial videos to learn how to create music with Soundtrap, then remix this song template in Soundtrap

Click here for the full resource.

Step #4 - Attend the Saskatchewan Music Conference

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