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SMEA is a proud sponsor of MusiCounts - #BlackMusicMatters: Hip-Hop & Social Justice in Canada

Hip Hop & Social Justice in Canada

Hip-hop is a ‘culture’, and as such, hip-hop music can be integrated with other areas of the arts such as dance and visual arts. Cross-curricular connections can also be made with many subject areas such as English, Geography, History, Business, Visual Arts, and the Social Sciences. Educators of grades 7-12 students are encouraged to use this resource as an entry point for engaging students in the study of Canadian Black culture, history, and creation through hip-hop music.

The main purpose of this resource is to help educators and students explore Canadian hip-hop music and its role as a tool for promoting and advocating for social justice. The songs selected to support the lessons developed for this resource all have identifiable social justice themes. As such, social justice education must be at the center of a learning that takes place in the classroom through the use of this resource.

Lesson 2: Brother (Watching)

In this lesson, students will explore notions of Blackness and the impact of anti-Black racism and stereotyping on ‘African’ youth through the lens of the song "Brother (Watching)" by Shad ft. B & F Kabango.

Lesson 3: Releases February 15, 2022

Lesson 4: Releases February 22, 2022


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