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New Learning Resource

Accompanies existing Music Educator Learning Video Series on SMEA YouTube Channel

Videos and resources

Elevate your music education with our new learning resource, designed exclusively for Saskatchewan Music Educators Association! Complementing our engaging lesson videos, this resource offers meticulously crafted lesson plans, specifying grade appropriateness and aligning seamlessly with Saskatchewan curriculum outcomes and indicators.

Convenient and comprehensive lesson plans

Tailored to Saskatchewan's educational standards, and let the music come alive in your classroom!

Unlock a treasure trove

Teaching aids, including invaluable tips, tricks, and supplemental resources, ensuring a harmonious and enriching classroom experience.

Empower yourself to effortlessly deliver top-notch music lessons, enhancing the learning journey for your students.

Discover a new era of music education excellence with Saskatchewan Music Educators Association's cutting-edge learning resource!

Visit the SMEA YouTube Video Series today or click here to view on our website! #MusicEd #SaskatchewanEducators #InnovativeLearning

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