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Special Opportunity for SMEA Members

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

SMEA is sponsoring workshops each Tuesday in May 2022 - How to be a Culturally Intelligent Simple Super Star featuring International Motivational Speaker Wilbur Sargunaraj

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An interactive school performance that uses music, dance, videos an

d motivational stories to inspire.

SMEA is providing an exclusive opportunity to 5 SMEA Members to bring this workshop to your school in May 2022! This workshop is developed for assembly style presentation for Kindergarten through Grade 5.

How to be a Culturally Intelligent Simple Super Star

Wilbur Sargunaraj

Wilbur Sargunaraj is a musician, photographer and certified Cultural Intelligence facilitator. While the 'Times of India' has called him "India's first YouTube star” Wilbur uses his platform to inspire people to become Simple Superstars! Wilbur teaches that we can become the best versions of ourselves when we are willing to reject selfishness, enter the world of the other, and form sincere partnerships with those who may seem very different than us. His message is clear, “You are a person with intrinsic value and unique importance. You are beautiful just the way you are and you can make a difference. You are a SIMPLE SUPERSTAR who can make the common extra ordinary!”

How to sign up?

If your not already, make sure your a SMEA Member in good standing!

  1. Reserve 1 of the 5 available dates in May 2022 (bookings will be for each Tuesday in May).

  2. Start sharing promotional items with your students!

  3. Provide follow up statistical information on the demographics of your audience as well as a 200 word write up on the impact the presentation had on your students.

This is truly an amazing opportunity where you can bring a message of inspiration to your students in the most fun and exciting way possible - through music! SMEA is here to answer your questions and to be of service to you and your students. All we need is for you to be a Simple Superstar and help get us in front of your students!

Deadline? All bookings must be secured by April 15, 2022! Hurry, these are going to go fast!

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