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Saskatchewan Music Educators Association 2022-23 Annual Report

This is a wonderful recap of our past fiscal year of the programs, activities, and trainings that occurred between September 1, 2022 through August 31, 2023.

SMEA would like to thank the generous support from Sask Lotteries and SaskCulture, with their support we are able to host a variety of workshops, programs, conventions that promote music excellence within Saskatchewan.

SMEA's 2022/2023 Full Annual Report

In the past fiscal year, our organization achieved significant milestones and celebrated various accomplishments. The highlight was the inaugural Music Education Day, a momentous occasion that brought together enthusiasts and professionals to promote the importance of music education. The return to in-person events, such as the Saskatchewan Music Conference and the Honour Groups, marked a successful transition back to in person events, fostering collaboration and networking within the music community.

Our commitment to inclusivity and cultural diversity was evident through cultural diversity workshops. We extended our reach to northern regions with impactful music camps, while still providing a central music camp in Prince Albert, contributing to the enrichment of musical education in underserved areas.

The Music Educator Video Series showcased expertise and shared valuable insights. Embracing creativity, we launched initiatives like Learn English Through Singing (held virtually), blending education with artistic expression. Furthermore, the expansion of the Saskatchewan Music Outreach Project underscored our dedication to reaching more diverse audiences than ever before.

In summary, the past fiscal year was marked by successful events, inclusive programs, and innovative initiatives, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to advancing music education and community engagement. Be sure to check out our 2022-2023 Annual Report for the full report!


Introducing SMEA's 2024 Board of Directors

Thank you to everyone who attended the Saskatchewan Music Educators Association Annual General Meeting held in person on November 4, 2023. SMEA is pleased to introduce its newly elected 2024 Board of Directors.

Past President – Katlyn Redding

President – Sharon Bates

Vice President – Graham Gilmore

Regional Director 1 – Colin Jolly

Regional Director 2 – Shelbi Myrfield

Regional Director 3 - Rachelle Hugg

Regional Director 4 – Brent Pittman

Regional Director 5 – Kayleigh Skomorowski

Regional Director 6 – Gene Aulinger

Regional Director 7 – Cade Eastwood

Unsure who is your Region Representative? Our regions are divided among which school division you fall within Regions by school division

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SMEA encourages you to enjoy our Annual Report digitally. SMEA is paperless to reduce our organization's carbon footprint and help save our forests — and, ultimately, our planet. A paper copy of the Annual Report will only be made available through private requests.


The SMEA office is located in Cudworth, SK and we operate provincially. Saskatchewan Music Educator Association’s office is located in Treaty 6. Our work and support reaches lands covered by Treaties 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10, the traditional lands of the Cree, Dakota, Dene, Lakota, Nakota and Saulteaux peoples, as well as the homeland of the Metis.

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