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Music Education Day

The Saskatchewan Music Educators Association (SMEA) and Province of Saskatchewan have proclaimed September 15, 2023 as Music Education Day in Saskatchewan.

“The Government of Saskatchewan recognizes the role that music education plays in enhancing students’ well-being and learning. Music education has been shown to increase creative problem-solving, self-expression, and teamwork while enhancing multi-sensory skills, comprehension, communication, discipline, and focus. I want to thank the Saskatchewan Music Educators Association for being leaders in promoting and supporting music education in our province,” said Minister of Education, Jeremy Cockrill.

The first-ever Music Education Day in Saskatchewan took place last year to recognize the importance of music, the benefits it brings to society, and to recognize and thank music educators throughout the province who share their time and talents.

Research has proven numerous benefits of music and the positive role it can have on students. Those who participate in music education programs tend to have improved language and reading skills, enhanced coordination; stay engaged in school; learn discipline; and develop their critical thinking skills.

“Although music educators share the benefits of music on a year-round basis, Music Education Day is a special day set aside to acknowledge their efforts and show our support for such an important group of people,” said Redding.

Take action for music education in Saskatchewan!

The Saskatchewan Arts Alliance (SAA), along with the Saskatchewan Music Educators Association (SMEA), are inviting Saskatchewan people to write to their MLAs, the Minister of Education, the Hon. Jeremy Cockrill and the Executive Director & President of the Saskatchewan School Board Association to celebrate the sheer power of music and express the significance of music education in our children's lives in support of Saskatchewan Music Education Day on September 15, 2023. Let your voice be heard by reaching out to your MLA, the Minister of Education and the leadership of the Saskatchewan School Board Association.

Celebrate Music Education Day with your students

(-) Soundtrap for Education by Spotify


  • Singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and record producer, Donny Parenteau, has graciously shared his song Deep in the Heart of Saskatchewan for SK Music Education Day.

  • For this activity, you will explore the tutorial videos to learn how to create music with Soundtrap, then remix this song template in Soundtrap

Click here for the full resource.

Attend the Saskatchewan Music Conference



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