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Saskatchewan Junior Honour Groups

Congratulations on being accepted into the 2023 SMEA Junior Honour Groups program! Please fill out the following form. Once you hit register, you will be prompted to make the registration payment.


Emergency Contact #1 (EC1)

Emergency Contact #2 (EC2)

Student Medical Information


During the course of this program, photographs, videos or interviews of your child may be taken by staff and/or coordinators of the camp for use in SMEA publications (brochures, annual reports, newsletters, etc.), SMEA social media feeds (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter), and SMEA website. Student names will not be used in SMEA publications, but they may appear as first name and first initial of their last name only on the website and social media feeds. Note: photos of large groups or action shots where students cannot be identified may be posted/reproduced without parental permission.

From time to time, the media may cover SMEA events and activities and videotape, interview or photograph participants. The media may also release the information on the internet (i.e., a newspaper with digital content), and the coverage may include the use of your child's name (i.e., during interviews).

Please indicate your permission for each of the areas below. Should your preferences change at any time, please notify the SMEA immediately.

I hereby authorize the Saskatchewan Music Educators Association to allow my child to be photographed, videotaped or interviewed for the purposes of (please check all that apply):

Note: Parent AND student signatures are required for students 14-17 years of age. Students 18 years or older DO NOT require a parent signature.


Payment of a $125 Registration Fee is required in order to participate in the Saskatchewan Junior Honour Groups program this year. This fee is used to cover the costs of clinicians, chair/coordinators and venue mentioned on the Junior Honour Groups page.

After clicking "Register Now" you will be prompted to make a online payment - Thank you in advance!

Refunds will only be issued if due to an unforeseen extenuating circumstance (personal or health problems are only extenuating circumstances if they are outside your control). If your child is not accepted into this program, a full refund will be returned to you.

Thanks for submitting!

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