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Choir Audition Requirements


Tips & Tricks

Deadline for submitting your application & MP3 or M4A file online: May 15, 2023

Before submitting your audition on SMEA's website, please ensure you have recorded all materials by listening to your own recording.

These are anonymous auditions. DO NOT say your name or identify the performer in any way in the recording. However, save your file as: <FirstName><LastName><Voice>.mp3
(ex: JaneSmithSoprano.mp3).

Honour Choir roster spots will be first filled with successful auditions. Following the audition selections, vacant roster spots will be filled with recommendations from teachers. Recommendations are usually prioritized by age (grade) and ensemble balance.

Record your MP3 or M4A in this order ONLY and follow the specific tempos. Auditions are judged on how closely you follow directions!


Record in one session and upload a single file containing the elements below:

Required Audition Elements

  1. Vocal Range
    Sing through your full vocal range (to either extreme end with good tone and sound) from low to high, chromatically, on the syllable “la.” You may play along quietly on piano as a guide, as long as it does not interfere with the clarity of your vocal quality on the recording.

  2. Art Thou Troubled
    Sing the excerpt of “Art Thou Troubled” in the original key or a transposed key comfortable to you and your preferred voice part.

  3. Own Choice Selection
    Sing a selection of your choice of 30 seconds or less. Acceptable genres: classical, folk, musical theatre, jazz, sacred, or other music festival-appropriate repertoire (no pop or country, please).

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