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Music Classroom Exchange

This program will connect Saskatchewan educators from north of Prince Albert with educators from  south of Prince Albert in an effort to create connection for their students by exchanging a song and spending time appreciating the differences!

classroom music exchange.png

All SMEA Members are welcome to participate!

Groupings will be based on the following grade levels:

Grades 1 -3

Grades 4 -6

Grades 7 -9

Grades 10 - 12

SMEA will try to facilitate a matching class and each class will record a song to exchange. It is similar to having a Musical Pen Pal!

Signing Up

  1. Please send your name, location and which grade level and we will do our best to find a matching educator for you!

  2. Create a meaningful song of your choice for the exchange.

  3. Spend time with your class appreciating the other classes song.

  4. Provide a summary of your classes' experience which can be included in the SMEA Annual Report.

Want more information?

Sounds like a good idea but how would it work or what else would I need to do?

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