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Assistance is available to SMEA members pursuing professional development opportunities, initiating regional workshops, and/or setting up a special project in their school or community. Information, qualifying criteria, deadlines, and application and follow-up forms are listed below.

Special Projects

Do you have a music program, or an idea for a music program that you think might benefit other Music Educators in Saskatchewan? We want to hear from you!

Incorporating new and creative ways to learn is of great importance here at SMEA. We invite any members planning a provincial-wide music program* to apply for funding, as we take great pride in providing resources for these important initiatives.

*All Special Projects must be provincial in scope so that attendance should be of interest and open to anyone in Saskatchewan. All Special Projects must be advertised throughout the province. Applications must be received no later than September 1 of the year prior to the project's start date.

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Professional Development

Even for educators, the learning never truly stops. That is why SMEA is dedicated to offering our members access to Professional Development Opportunities.* like interactive conferences and courses, where they can expand their knowledge and network with like minded individuals.


*Qualifying programs assistance are provincial, national, or international conferences, workshops and courses that will increase the member’s professional development. Applications are accepted and reviewed on a quarterly basis.

Regional Workshops

Do you know of a specialist in the field of Musical Education?

SMEA offers funding for Regional Workshops* where these individuals are invited to share their knowledge and experiences, while providing our members with an opportunity to learn from them. This is a great chance for us to broaden our horizons and diversify our cultural mosaic.


*All Regional Workshops must be inclusive to the entire region, unless circumstances (such as available facilities) dictate limited participation. Applications for financial support are accepted and reviewed by the SMEA on a quarterly basis.

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