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Choir Recommendation


Please fill out a form for every student you want to recommend. You can add additional students after clicking "Submit" at the bottom of the form. Your teacher information will be added to each student’s submission via your email address. There is no fee for auditions in 2023.


Honour Choir roster spots will first be filled with successful auditions. Following the audition selections, vacant roster spots will be filled with recommendations from teachers. Recommendations are usually prioritized by age (grade) and ensemble balance.

If you have any issues with the submission process or have any questions, please contact us.


Please enter the email address you registered on this site with. It should've been emailed to your email address from



For each of the following questions, please use the attached scale for your answers:

1 = Average

2 = Good

3 = Very Good

4 = Outstanding

Pitch Accuracy/Ability to Sing in Tune
Exemplary Vocal Quality/Technique in All Ranges
Music Reading/Sight Reading Ability
Ability to Sing Harmony Confidently and Accurately
Balance and Blend With Other Choristers
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